Winterizing Your Best Friend

Raise of hands here – how many of you go for winter walks without shoes? How many would agree that ice and snow are not good on bare feet?

Now, have you ever considered that your dog – ever ready as they might be to go for a walk with you – has to walk on freezing snow in their bare feet while you are wearing your warm, dry, comfortable snow boots?

We don’t intend to lay a guilt trip on you here – but we would like to let you know that we have something that would probably make you a hero in your dog’s eyes – not that you aren’t their favorite hero already!  :)


We have four different brands of dog shoes in sizes that range from extra-extra small to extra large.

Also for your dog’s feet – paw oil. We have a selection of special oils that you can rub into your dog’s feet for extra protection against snow and ice.

Now that we’ve got you thinking about protecting your dog’s feet – why stop there?

We just happen to have a wide variety of products that will keep your dog comfortable all winter ~ here are just a few ideas – stop in the store to see the wide selection of dog clothes we have!

For those of you who might be looking for a Christmas present for your special friend – we offer free gift wrapping in the store!

gift wrap

If your dog or cat is at the top of your Christmas list, then we suggest you stop at Soda Mountain Pet Supplies while in Sumpter this Christmas season ~

Don’t forget – your furry friend gets a free treat when they bring their owners with them to the store! 🙂

Fur Fun Dog Show at Soda Mountain Pet Supplies in Sumpter Oregon

Soda Mountain Pet Supplies



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